Boomerang powers Vietnamese marketers’ in-depth social insights with Facebook topic data.

Ho Chi Minh City – May, 2016.

Working with DataSift, the Human Data Intelligence provider, Boomerang today announced the availability of access to aggregated Facebook topic data for all clients. This partnership will enable Boomerang, the Vietnamese market leader in social data analytics industry, to be the first local company to provide marketers with valuable insights from aggregated and anonymized Facebook topic data.

Facebook topic data – a privacy-safe way to understand what people are engaging around on the world’s largest social platform

Facebook represents by far the largest social media platform in Vietnam with 35 million members in the country with population of about 94 million[1]. Obviously brands and marketers all want to garner increasingly more meaningful insights from what consumers are now sharing and engaging on this platform to sharpen marketing strategies as well as digital campaigns.

However, there are limits with previous social data analytics methodologies. Firstly, brands and marketers could only access a relatively small fraction of public data, which meant the sample size wasn’t big enough for businesses to gain greater insight into markets they were trying to understand. Secondly, the public data available often has “self-promotion bias”, coming from a number of people who are on social platforms to sell something or to promote their works to audiences. These factors combined meant that any conclusion drawn might not be representative of the real key audiences of the business.

This is why Facebook topic data, which is aggregated and anonymized, is the only way to understand how the entire Facebook audience is engaging around the brands, products, events and competitors or any topics that businesses care about. Having access to Facebook topic data with Boomerang means marketers can go deeper in gathering real insights from what being shared across the 1.65 billion active Facebook members (of course 35 million Facebook members in Vietnam too) in a privacy-safe way. With Facebook topic data, brands are now equipped with an in-depth understanding of customers’ engagements and interests on social media in a privacy safe way. This enables them to make better decisions about how they market on Facebook and other channels, as well as build product roadmaps or enhance current marketing strategies.

Mô tả cách thức hoạt động của Facebook Topic Data

Demonstration of how Facebook Topic Data works

“Facebook topic data brings any social analytics firm an entirely new set of data. By teaming up with DataSift, Boomerang is proud to be the first local agency in Vietnam to provide marketers, advertisers and agencies with access to Facebook topic data”, said Cuong Vong, CEO, Boomerang. “The partnership will reinforce Boomerang’s goal in fostering customers’ business growth with thorough visibility of people’s insights on Facebook, in a privacy-first way.”

“DataSift enables companies to gain actionable insights from the huge amount of information now available to them,” said Tim Barker, CEO, DataSift. “We’re pleased to have Boomerang join our Facebook topic data partner ecosystem, offering its clients market and brand-specific intelligence to boost customer engagement and brand innovation.”

Boomerang là một trong số ít những agency trên thế giới là partner của DataSift

Boomerang is the first Vietnam agency who partnered with DataSift

[1] Digital in 2016, Wearesocial & IAB Singapore,

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